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  1. Don’t Buy DJI On The Grey Market

    Don’t Buy DJI On The Grey Market


    During the peak frenzy for DJI’s Mavic Pro late last year – when demand outstripped supply and they were nearly impossible to obtain – an ad popped up on the popular classified ad service, Kijiji. There they were: A limited number of the sought-after foldable drone. The price, we seem to recall, was $

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  2. 8 Reasons to Buy a Drone

    8 Reasons to Buy a Drone


    To buy, or not to buy is an often asked question when it comes to purchasing many products and sometimes it can be quite the head scratcher working out if it’s the right purchase for you. So, to try and help you make your mind up we’ve compiled 8 excellent reasons to buy a drone.

    Unique Photographic Perspective

    You see your home nearly e

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  3. Mavic Series Comparison: Which Drone Should You Get?

    The DJI Mavic series offers exciting features and fun flying modes for both beginners and experienced drone pilots. This article features a quick comparison of the drones and helps you choose the best one for your adventures.

    Check out this table for a key features comparison at first:

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    We specialise in DJI Phantom, Spark and Mavic models


    Camera & Gimbal Repair

    Taking stunning photos is a bit tricky if your camera isn't working! We can replace these for you and get you snapping again fast.

    Motor Replacement

    Sand and water can damage the delicate motors on your quadcopter, c

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