DJI Osmo Action Top 10 FAQ

As DJI’s first action camera, Osmo Action’s release resulted in a multitude of questions. How is the performance? What features are unique to this device? Can it compete with the current competitors on the market?

This article sums up the most frequently asked questions about Osmo Action. Let’s get started!

What are Osmo Action’s specs?

What kind of video resolutions are available?

What is Osmo Action’s battery life? How long does it take to recharge the device?

How durable is Osmo Action?

In order to demonstrate Osmo Action’s durability, we put it through an extreme durability test. Check it out!

*Please don’t recreate any of the scenes shown in the Osmo Action Durability Test article.

Is Osmo Action’s lens filter cap interchangeable?

Yes. Rotate the cap to detach it from Osmo Action, and you can exchange it for another cap or ND filter.

Can you export files from Osmo Action to mobile devices?

Yes, you can. Just connect Osmo Action to the DJI Mimo app and use its file export function.

Does Osmo Action support shooting RAW pictures?

Yes, you can set the file format (which should be stored in the microSD) in the settings.

Is it possible to change the orientation?

Yes, it is. The backscreen’s interface will adjust its orientation according to Osmo Action’s perspective.

Where are the microphones located? Can I connect an external microphone to Osmo Action?

*Please don’t cover up the microphones while shooting a video with Osmo Action.

Yes. You can connect Osmo Action to a third-party microphone through the USB-C port via a 3.5mm adapter.

Does Osmo Action support Voice Control?

Yes, Osmo Action does support Voice Control. After you enable the mode in the settings, these following commands will be available:




Does Osmo Action have internal storage?

No. Please do not forget to insert a microSD card when shooting with Osmo Action.